Who I am

I am a publc relations professional and consultant, with 15 years of journalism and communications experience and a law degree. I started out as a newspaper reporter, before moving into public relations. Over the course of my career, I have worked with small businesses, manufacturers, law firms, government agencies, and the arts community. 

What I can do for you

I write all types of marketing and communications materials, including press releases, blogs, op-eds, letters to editors, brochures and business plans. I also do crisis management, so if you run afoul of the media, for any reason, I can help you respond to the situation.

In addition, I make pitches for clients, respond to media inquiries, and organize press events.

Below, you’ll find a link to my blog, the Breakdown, as well as my Twitter and Linked-In accounts. Please check them all out, to find out what I’ve been musing over and listening to, where I’ve been working, and where I’ll be out playing music in the community.

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The Breakdown.

Twitter: @jonahbruno


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